Reading Coin Club






Monday 3 July

Monday 8 January

Medallions from the Female Perspective

Short Talks

By Frances Simmons

By Club Members



1st August

Monday 5 February

Visit to Freemasons Hall


By Chris Moore



Monday 4 September

Monday 5 March

Coinage of William III

Club Auction

By Brian Arthur

For Club members only



Monday 2 October

Monday 9 April

Latin American Mining Tokens

Aspects of Convict Tokens

By Gerry Buddle

By Tim Millet



Monday 6 November

Monday 30 April

Victorian Errors and Varieties

A History of the Postal Order

By Michael Gouby

By Gary Oddy



Monday 4 December

Monday 4 June

Winter Bourse and Member's Evening

The AGM and Display Competition